Opening up new worlds with a long O

At the design studio Panoorama, the name says it all: it is Greek, meaning “to see everything”. Further emphasized by the double o, the word describes the office’s holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of a project.

The design concept for Panoorama’s new corporate identity visually picks up on this idea, turning the double o into a long o. It is designed to be flexible so that it adapts to different formats and purposes. When used in digital media, for example, it is not only responsive but also functional: the further you scroll down, i.e. the further you open the Panoorama cosmos, the wider the o becomes. A warm red is the basic colour complementing the black font. The long o is used within the writing as well as an independent symbol with a high recognition factor.

Corporate Identity
Concept, print design, digital design

Panoorama Designbüro