Procurement Initiative

Procurement to the point

More than almost any other business area, purchasing is facing immense challenges: Covid-19 and other factors have created bottlenecks and caused prices to rise, while sustainability and human rights are gaining attention along the entire supply chain. Against this background, the consultancy H&Z together with the University of St. Gallen founded the Procurement Initiative: a think tank that develops innovative concepts for the future of procurement based on in-depth expertise.

To emphasize this mission, a corporate identity was developed that gets to the point of the issue both visually and in terms of content: a circle and a vertical block serve as essential design elements that, when overlapping, stand for the brand name while at the same time alluding to various meanings. The use of complementary colors, which enhance each other’s effect, adds further depth to the design’s content and gives rise to a striking and contemporary visual brand – which in this case will be used on business stationery, the website and social media.

Corporate Identity
Concept, print design, digital design

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