Marc Engelhardt

A classic connection

Bassoon concerts are Professor Marc Engelhardt’s specialty and passion. He plays in major concert halls around the world and has been teaching at the Stuttgart Musikhochschule for many years. Alluding to his world of fine tones, the design concept creates a classical, unobtrusive corporate identity for him.

The basic idea takes up two small but elementary details of Marc’s life: the bocal – a vital part of every bassoon – and the ligature, which in German stands for connection in both music and typography. In one world it’s the tie between two notes, in the other world the joining of two letters. Marc’s new design forms ligatures between different letters with the bocal’s typical s-shape. Using Heldane, a font rich in ligatures, the typeface resembles musical notation and scores. The colour blue underlines the classic approach and – being Marc’s favourite colour – forms a connection to his personality.

Corporate Identity
Concept, print design, digital design

Marc Engelhardt