International Days Diary

A day for each occasion, a pattern for each day

Whether it’s the International Women’s Day or World Health Day, whether it’s World Book Day, International Kissing Day, World Chocolate Day or International Lost Sock Day – the year is full of awareness days dedicated to various causes. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes very serious; sometimes they’re about living beings, sometimes about things or events. How can you keep track of all these dates?

With a well thought-out design concept! Patterns running vertically down the page margins can be found throughout the entire gift book, and they are not just pretty to look at: Thanks to an ingenious form and colour coding, the design provides information about the genre to which an International Day belongs and which characteristics and emotions define it. This results in a unique pattern for every occasion, reflecting the diversity of International Days – they are a mosaic of life.

Editorial Design
Idea, concept, design, illustration

Publishing house
Red Bull Media House, Benevento Publishing

Das Welttage Buch
Alexandros Stefanidis
Julia Otterbach
ISBN 978-3710900907

Joseph Binder Award, Distinction