Eating with Africa

Strong colours for Africa’s culinary and cultural diversity

Featuring some 50 personal recipes and stories from a wide variety of people, from cowherds to star chefs, this cookbook shows Africa as it is – and as it eats. For one year, travel and food photographer Maria Schiffer spent time cooking her way through ten African countries.

The book’s design concept takes up the colourful diversity of countries, recipes and people by assigning a different main colour to each of the ten chapters. Strengthening the book’s mission to show the “real Africa”, warm, cheerful colours were chosen that in the author’s opinion reflect the character of the respective country. Strong, striking graphics form a unity with the expressive pictures.

Corporate Design
Concept, print design, digital design

Dorling Kindersley Verlag, Maria Schiffer

Eating with Africa
Maria Schiffer
ISBN 978-3-8310-3886-2