Human Advisory

An arc connecting humans and strategy

Human Advisory is a consulting firm focusing on the structuring and recruitment of top-level management positions.

In keeping with the consultancy’s identity, the corporate design concept is reduced to the essentials: The CI is centered around an arch created by merging the initials of the company. The result is a striking signet that symbolizes the mediating, connecting character of Human Advisory, while blending unobtrusively and elegantly into the newly created design world. The signet’s elements H and A are given individual attention by the choice of color – as well as by strategically placing them in the folds of the letter and the envelope. Using LL Riforma from the renowned Swiss type foundry Lineto, the corporate design is based on a typeface that in a way reflects the sender. After all, “reform” is an important part of Human Advisory’s work – the systematic transformation of existing conditions.

Corporate Identity
Concept, print design, digital design

Human Advisory